Conference Format

NCMM 2021: “Music Performance as Creation”, to take place form 5 to 7 May 2021 in Lisbon, is will be preferably in person, however presentation by video-conference, will be allowed.

A specific Zoom link as well as specific guidelines will be sent to lecturers who will participate by video-conferencing.

The conference will be streamed on a dedicated YouTube channel: Details and links will be published soon. Stay attentive to our website and social media for more information.

NCMM 2021 Call for papers coming soon…

The second edition of NOVA Contemporary Music Meeting will take place in May 2021 in Lisbon.

NCMM 2nd edition main subject:

Musical Performance as creation

Permanent subjects:

— Musical composition practices, performance and reception

— Music history, theory and analysis

— Philosophy of music and aesthetics

— Musicology, intertextuality and authenticity

—Auditory perception and cognition

— Musical sound transcription, representation and music notation

— Sound technologies and the music industry

— Music and image

— Sound art, installations and exhibitions

— Soundscape, sound ecology

— Documentation and preservation of musical heritage

— Music and emergent cultures and societies, cultural heritage and inclusive societies

NCMM 2nd Edition

NOVA Contemporary Music Meeting, second edition, to take place in October 2020 in Lisbon at Nova University of Lisbon was being deferred until the spring of 2021

Main subject for the second edition “Musical performance as creation”

Call for papers and new dates coming soon

NCMM 2018


Composing Music Today

Important dates

New Deadline for proposals: Sunday 15th April 2018 , Midnight

Notification of acceptance15th May 2018

NCMM18 — Nova Contemporary Music Meeting


April 15, midnight

NOVA Contemporary Music Meeting

Lisbon, Portugal, 21 to 23 November 2018


Nova Contemporary Music Meeting (NCMM) is a biennial, 3-day international conference launched by the Contemporary Music Research Group (GIMC) of CESEM (Centre for the Study of Sociology and Musical Aesthetics at Nova University, Lisbon) and focused on a variety of questions relating to music since the beginning of the 20th century.

Conceived as a contribution to the development of multidisciplinary and collaborative research the field of contemporary music, NCMM is a research meeting bringing together researchers, musicologists, composers and performers, working in multidisciplinary areas related to contemporary music. Placing a special focus on the articulation between musical practices and theoretical research activities, NCMM intends to respond to current challenges within contemporary music artistic practices and research, offering a platform for proposing, discussing and disseminating knowledge in a variety of fields.

Each edition will focus on a special main subject, but NCMM will also be open to other topics.