13 agosto, 2018


During more than a century the Almohads united a large territory within al-Andalus and al-Magrib, and created the second major western Islamic Caliphate: The Almohad Caliphate.

The main aim of this postdoctoral Project is to study Almohad architecture, city and town planning in a light of Arab and Christian sources. The main purpose consists in discovering Arab and Christian perception of Almohad architecture and cities, together with their differences and similarities, and assessing the degree of accuracy of the medieval sources. In order to do that I shall perform a comparison of the information extracted from the sources from archaeological Almohade remains in Portugal, Spain and Morocco.



The main aim of this Project consists in the study of Almohad architecture, city and town planning, and discover the perception of Arabs and Christians regarding the Almohad architecture and cities at the time of their creation and over the following centuries.

Secondly, to know the differences and similarities between the vision offered by Arab and Christian sources.

Thirdly, this study will attempt compare the knowledge extracted from sources and archaeological remains of the Almohad architecture and cities preserved until today.

Fourthly, consist in the creation of a digital database with fragments of sources that providing information on architecture, cities and town planning developed during the Almohad Caliphate. This database will creative though the GIS to discover the interrelation between the Almohad city and the vision of the Arab and Christian sources, and the expansion of the characteristic of the Almohad city over the Mediterranean.