Covid-19 Information

Covid-19 Information  #2

The pandemic situation in Portugal was downgraded from emergency to calamity.
Although still with several restrictions, the pandemic situating is calm and life in the country resumes. More information can be found in the official Health Services page.
Restaurants, cafés and bakeries (max 6 people per table or 10 in a terrace outdoors) without time restrictions
The borders with Spain are already open but travel restrictions from countries with high case values remain.

Official information:

Portuguese government lockdown information.

Portugal tourism information.

Covid-19 Information  #1

Travel restrictions and documentation required between 1 and 17 April 2021.

Flight connections are suspended from/to the following countries:

  • South Africa
  • Brazil
  • United Kingdom

Travel restrictions to European Union Citizens, Schengen Associated States and Special Administrative Regions:

Only essential travel* is allowed from Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czechia, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Switzerland and Sweden, Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Hong Kong,  Macau.

When traveling from third countries, it is recommended to check the authorized flights and / or confirm the flight with the airline.

Tests, quarantine and forms to fulfill:

Covid-19 free proof

Travelers must present proof of RT-PCR diagnostic test, with a negative result, carried out up to 72 hours before departure. Only the RT-PCR test is considered. Proof of serological tests will not be accepted.

Mandatory quarantine

Passengers from Bulgaria, Czechia, Cyprus, Slovenia, Estonia, France, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Poland and Sweden must comply with a period of prophylactic isolation of 14 days, upon entry into Portugal, at home or at a designated location set by the health authorities.

Passengers traveling on essential journeys and whose period of stay in national territory, attested by a return ticket, do not exceed 48 hours are excluded from complying with the prophylactic isolation provided for in the preceding paragraph.

These rules also apply to land border entrances.

Form to fill in

Before travelling to Portugal you should register yourself on the SEF Travel Platform so that the Health Care Service can get in touch with you in case of need.

*Essential travel was defined by the Annex II from the EU Council Recommendation 2020/912. The specific categories of travellers with an essential function or need are:

1—Healthcare professionals, health researchers, and elderly care professionals;
2—Frontier workers;
3—Seasonal workers in agriculture;
4—Transport personnel;
5—Diplomats, staff of international organisations and people invited by international organisations whose physical presence is required for the well-functioning of these organisations, military personnel and humanitarian aid workers and civil protection personnel in the exercise of their functions;
6—Passengers in transit;
7—Passengers travelling for imperative family reasons;
9—Persons in need of international protection or for other humanitarian reasons;
10—Third-country nationals travelling for the purpose of study;
11—Highly qualified third-country workers if their employment is necessary from an economic perspective and the work cannot be postponed or performed abroad.

More information:

Portuguese government lockdown information.

Portugal tourism information.