Zone #1 (fake homeostasis) installation/performance for a percussion player, electronics and video

Igor Silva

Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium


Zone #1 is a project where the performer is controlling an audio / visual installation, creating a clear link between musical discourse and video elements, displayed on a wide screen. The performer follows a score where certain rules are defined for each one of the five sections of the piece, allowing the performer to incorporate these guidelines on his/her own musical discourse.

This set of rules are related to the performer’s control over both audio and visual content and all of them are specifically interconnected with the digital system created for this installation, which provides practical solutions for an organized multimedia improvisation, where the performer can find himself on a situation of total control of this own musical timing.

The main goal of this paper is to define and analyze the interaction and compositional techniques applied in my new multimedia work Zone#1, concerning the time relation between performer, electronics and multimedia. This piece features different approaches to the use of electronics and multimedia, closed synchronized with live performer, raising several questions concerning performance, compositional and programming processes.

Several distinct systems are implemented on a Max application built for Zone#1, always in a close relation to the musical score, providing a strong and robust audio/visual synchronization, allowing an extremely precise and rhythmic and gestural musical discourse between performers and computer. In another hand this system also provides different levels of flexibility to the performer, creating a continuous changing between fully notated moments and improvisation sections.

Note: This paper presentation can also be part of an open space / performance during the conference
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Keywords: Audiovisual interaction, Organized multimedia improvisations, Max programming


Born in Porto and currently living in Amsterdam, Igor C Silva is a composer devoted to electronics and new media music, creating projects where performers, computers and many noisy and psychedelic things happen on stage, creating a multi-sensorial experience. Silva works regularly with ensembles, performers and orchestras, receiving several commissions from ensembles and festivals, and publishing recordings of his music. Igor C Silva also collaborates regularly with soloists, ensembles and jazz groups, devoting part of his musical and composing activity to improvisation and interactive performances with electronics and multimedia tools.