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Conference time zone: GMT+1:00 (Lisbon)

Wednesday, 5 May



Opening Session: Room CAN 217

        Conference presentation
        Isabel Pires

        Institutional Presentation
        CESEM: Centre for the Study of Sociology and Aesthetics of Music

        NOVA School for Social Sciences and Humanities (FCSH): Department of Musical Sciences 


Keynote Speaker: Room CAN 217
Moderated by: Isabel Pires

        Carlos Alberto Augusto
        Music and responsible design



Panel 1: Room CAN 217
Moderated by: Isabel Pires

        Christine Esclapez, Jean-Marc Montera
        Free Improvisation as Interpretation?

        João Fernandes
        The Free Music Improvisation Performance and the Emergence of New Musical Creations

        Bruno Pereira
        Innere Gesang: The Voice as an Expressive Device of an Inner Sound, an Inner Song

        Fellipe Martins, Giovanna Lelis Airoldi, Lucia Esteves, Lucas Quinamo, Lucas Torrez Toledo
        Collaboration and distance: the challenges on the collective creation of Nácar, an audiovisual improvisational piece for cello and electronics


Parallel Sessions


Panel 2: Room CAN 217
Moderated by:

        Bibiana Bragagnolo
        Musical Performance as a Creative and Political Act: Decolonial Practices and Artistic Research

        Chiara Antico
        Visualization, Technical Mastery and Ethical Responsibility in Performing Music from the Holocaust: between Creation and Commemoration

        Camila Alves
        Afrobeats in the Lusosphere: Social Discourse and Language reframed in Rhythm & Poetry

        Fernando dos Santos
        Ibero-American contemporary music ensembles: “ABSTRAI ensemble” as a case study


Panel 3: Room CAN 209
Moderated by:  Ivan Moody

        Mariachiara Grilli
        How to Analyse Scelsi’s Music? – Methodological Inadequacies and a Possible Approach

        Alexandre Damasceno
        Divertimento para 6 Instrumentos: analysis and reflection on Luciano Perrone’s performance

        Cláudio de Pina
        Ligeti’s organ studies

        Gabriel Jones
        Empirical Performance Analysis as a Means of Creation in Stockhausen’s Klavierstück X



Panel 4: Room CAN 217
Moderated by: João Pedro Cachopo

        Agnieszka Draus
        New Musicology / New Music Theory – the Paradigm Shift from the Turn of the 21st Century in Reflection on music (and its Spatiality) – PART I

        Marcin Strzelecki
        New Musicology / New Music Theory – the Paradigm Shift from the Turn of the 21st Century in Reflection on music (and its Spatiality) – PART II

        Karolina Dąbek
        New Musicology / New Music Theory – the Paradigm Shift from the Turn of the 21st Century in Reflection on music (and its Spatiality) – PART III


Panel 5: Room CAN 209
Moderated by: Paula Gomes Ribeiro

        Rachel Becker
        The gendered physical narrative of wind virtuosity: Pasculli, the opera fantasia, and the female oboe

        Ryan Lambe
        Performative/Transformative: Performance and Participation in Queer Amateur Community Music

        Nicola Bizzo
        The music of Queen between movies and videogames

Thursday, 6 May

Parallel Sessions


Panel 6: Room AN 217
Moderated by: Filipa Magalhães

        João Ricardo
        Image–Music–Text: Operatic Experiments in the Age of the Audiovisual Essay

        Sara Belo
        The voice as creation – Pre-voice and Vocal Theater

        Carmen Noheda
        Elena Mendoza and Matthias Rebstock’s La Ciudad de las Mentiras: Composed Theater in the Plural


Panel 7: Room AN 209
Moderated by: Riccardo Wanke

        Abigail Sin
        On The 100% Perfect Collaboration

        Jonathan Heilbron
        Composed Bodies: Incorporating Fernando Grillo’s Instrumental Practice through Paperoles

        Haize Lizarazu
        Bodies in musical performance: a gestural approach



Panel 8: Room AN 217
Moderated by: José Oliveira Martins

        Pavlos Antoniadis, Aurélien Duval, Jean-François Jégo, Makis Solomos, Frédéric Bevilacqua
        Dwelling Xenakis: An augmented reality project on ‘Evryali’ for piano solo

        Alfonso Benetti, Helena Marinho, Luís Bittencourt, Mónica Chambel
        Gendering the Piano: Avec Picasso Ce Matin… and Valse, Valsa, Vals; Keuschheits Waltz by Constança Capdeville

        Benjamin Duinker
        Rebonds: Structural Affordances, Negotiation and Creation

        Nuno Fonseca
        Music in the white cube: music exhibited as sound art


Panel 9: Room AN 209
Moderated by:  Riccardo Wanke

        Henrique Portovedo, Paulo Ferreira Lopes, Luís Neto Costa
        Multidimensional Contemporary Music Performance as Creation: SaxMultis, a system of Multiphonic Permutations

        Annini Tsioutis
        Reflections on Re:Mains for Multi-Pianist: An Interview with the Composer Christina Athinodorou

        Daniel Santos Rodríguez, Henrique Portovedo
        The Electric Guitar. Forms of augmentation and their use in the contemporary repertoire

        Mariana Miguel, Ana Telles
        Become One: An experience in prepared piano, live electronics, and creativity within a minimalistic framework


Parallel Sessions


Panel 10: Room CAN 217
Moderated by:

        Serge Lacasse
        The Three (Confusing) Modes of Existence of Music: Composition, Performance, Phonography

        Caroline Wilkins
        Music Performance in the Making

        Serge Lacasse, Sophie Stévance
        Research-Creation in Music as an Interdiscipline: From Definition to Action


Panel 11: Room CAN 209
Moderated by:  Joana Gama

        Felipe Rodrigues Ferreira Perez
        New Music, New Vocality: The Music-Text Continuum in the Second Half of the XX Century

         Fernando dos Santos, Guilherme Ribeiro, Laiana Oliveira
         Musical creation based on images of the composer-performers on ‘El ojo de la mujer’, for singer and saxophonist

         José Neto, Jessica Gubert, Luís A. E. Afonso Montanha, Sílvio Ferraz
         Evoking a landscape through the encounter of the voices of performer and composer

        Ana Telles
        Collaborative Composer/Performer Creative Processes: A Practice-Based Research on the Genesis of João Madureira’s Solo Piano Works



Panel 12: Room CAN 217
Moderated by: Filipa Magalhães

        Maria Inês Pires
        Portuguese musical groups dedicated to the erudite contemporary music repertoire: new research directions

        Gabriel Trottier
        The inventory and development of new performance tools in the horn repertoire of the XXth and XXIst centuries

        Joevan de Mattos Caitano
        Isao Nakamura as an intercultural percussionist and his activities in the Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik in Darmstadt: new perspectives


Panel 13: Room CAN 209
Moderated by: Ana Telles

        Guilherme Ribeiro, Fabio Simão, Silvio Ferraz
        Acoustic bubbles in the telematic performance of “Ceci n’est pas une trompette”

        Teresinha Prada
        Blirium (1965) by Gilberto Mendes: new perspectives

        Dimitris Andrikopoulos, Nuno Aroso
        Composer-Computer-Interpreter. A three-way collaborative process in the creation of two new works for multipercussion

Friday, 7 May

Parallel Sessions


Panel 14: Room CAN 217
Moderated by: Benoit Gibson

        Emma Spinelli
        Method for the analysis of a musical detournement: Reinterpretation, authenticity and intertextuality of the baroque music in Yngwie Malmsteen’s work

        Tiago Sousa
        Style and individuality in performance – from Hanslick’s formalism to contemporary perspectives of authenticity

        Basem Zaher Botros, Mohamed Rashed
        How to Discuss Intertextuality and Authenticity in the Context of Contemporary Music, and What Issues Should Be Considered


Panel 15: Room CAN 209
Moderated by:

        Caroline Boë
        The Polluted Soundscape as Music

        Isotta Trastevere
        The energetic perspective of musical form in sound art. Understanding the sense of duration in a sound art event

        Federico Favali
        Qwalala, a river of colorful sounds



Panel 16: Room CAN 217
Moderated by: Rui Penha

        Diogo Alvim, Matilde Meireles
        Campo Próximo

        Nuno Torres
        SPECTRUM: Autonomous Robotic Gesture and Processes of Deconstruction of a Human-Centred Performance Practice

        Monika Karwaszewska, Beata Oryl, Michał Garnowski
        N44n – Circulating echo of an action as an interactive repetition – in contemporary music, choreography and visual live performance


Panel 17: Room CAN 209
Moderated by:  Eduardo Lopes

        Simonetta Sargenti
        Creative performance and technology evolution: an example of analysis

        Martin Laliberté
        Electroacoustic performance as an act of creation: networking with technology with musical imperatives

        Christian Benvenuti
        Compositional Variability as a Measure of Musical Complexity

        Filipa Magalhães
        Music, performance and preservation: current perspectives for the documentation of works involving performance


Parallel Sessions


Panel 18: Room CAN 217
Moderated by: Carla Fernandes

        Stephen McAdams, Eliot Briton, Keith Hamel, Roger Reynolds, Caroline Traube
        Composer-performer orchestration research ensembles

        Yuval Adler, Robert Hasegawa, Joshua Rosner
        Documenting Composer-Performer Collaborations on Orchestrational Problem Solving

        Justine Maillard, Caroline Traube, Lindsey Reymore, Stephen McAdams
        Orchestrational thinking and composer-performer relationships in the context of a collaborative creation process

        Eliazer Kramer
        E-Rock: Creating Blend, Combing Styles, and Composing through Collaboration       


Panel 19: Room CAN 209
Moderated by: 

        Jorge Graça, Paulo Maria Rodrigues, Helena Rodrigues, Mariana Miguel, Mariana Vences, Luís Paixão, Maria da Silva, Miguel Ferraz, Élio Moreira
        Syncretic Musical Experiments #19: developing a live performance during a pandemic

        Késia Decoté Rodrigues
        A recital of your own – digital strategies for piano performances in pandemic times

        Maria de Fátima Lambert, Paula Freire
        From Home Towards a World…

        Robert Jedrzejewski
        What, where, when and why it is happening?



Keynote Speaker: Room CAN 217
Moderated by: Isabel Pires

        Philip Auslander
        Musical Persona as Creation

Conference closing and announcement of main subject  to the 3rd NCMM edition