Ângela da Ponte and Dimitris Andrikopoulos

CESEM — ESMAE Porto Polytechnic Institute, Portugal; as.daponte@gmail.com; dimitrisandrikopoulos@esmae.ipp.pt


Throughout the history of occidental music, there have been many moments of reevaluation of the function of traditional music inside compositional practice. Nowadays, there is a great interest from composers of different countries to reinterpret the value of traditional music, its elements, the new sonic possibilities that can be developed using traditional instruments and the possibilities presented through the integration of all above into the contemporary music scene to serve composers aesthetic and expressive purposes. On the same moment it is important to question how this approach is made and which compositional parameters are developed and articulated. Nettl (2005) demonstrates the swampy terrain one can enter when dealing with traditional music and cross-cultural approaches, its validity and the moral questions that surge, especially when using materials of foreign origins. Nonetheless, we can trace traditional elements in major works from composers like Reich, Lim, Takemitsu or Rehnqvist. All these composers never took the easiest path to their compositional endeavors.
The authors of this proposal are interested into a similar type of approach, a respect of the traditional music origins, and the same time, an exploration on how these elements can create a new basis for music creation. This is addressed through the presentation and analysis of two works – “Concerto for violoncello and ensemble”, by Dimitris Andrikopoulos, a work that explores elements of Greek traditional music and “Sketches”, for viola da terra and ensemble, by ngela da Ponte, a work that explores the Azorean traditional instrument within the contemporary music and ensemble context. Both works are based on a contemporary interpretation of elements coming out of older musical sources, a reevaluation of the technical resources of older instruments as well as the way that all above can be integrated with into new musical contexts, namely within contemporary music ensemble or in combination with new media (electroacoustic music).

Keywords: Traditional music; Contemporary music; Notation.


Angela da Ponte (1984, Azores) is a composer, professor and researcher currently living in Porto (Portugal). She has received commissions and has been performed by many prestigious ensembles, soloists and orchestras including Smirnov Quartet (Basel Music Academy), Remix Ensemble (PT), Oregon Symphony (US), Vertixe Sonora (ES) and Ensemble New Babylon (DE). Recognition of her work includes the performance and premieres at several festivals such as BEAST FEaST (UK), Festival Visiones Sonoras 2016 (MX), Audiokineza (PL), 2020 XXI International Cerveira Art Biennial (PT), Kulturfabrik – 33,7 Festival (LU), Música Viva Festival 2022 (PT) and major distinctions include the appointment for Young Composer in Residence 2011 at Casa da Música (Oporto), ISCM Virtual Collaborative Series 2020 and representing Portugal at the 67th International Rostrum of Composers (RS).

Dimitris Andrikopoulos studied composition at the Rotterdam’s Academy of Music and Dance with K. de Vries. He collaborated with various ensembles and orchestras such as the Athens State Orchestra, Orchestre National de Lorraine, Nederlands Ballet Orkest, Ensemble Emanon, Mondriaan Quartet, Drumming Percussion Group, Remix Ensemble, Asko Ensemble, ArtéFacts Ensemble among others. His works have been performed in Greece, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, France, England, Norway, Germany, Lithuania, United Arabic Emirates, United States, Colombia, Mexico among other resulting from commissions of artistic organizations such as Fonds for the Creative Arts (Holland), Flanders Festival, 1st Cello Biennale/Proms od Amsterdam, Guimarães 2012 /European Capital of Culture, Onassis Foundation, among others. From December 2021 Dimitris has been invited as Research Visiting Scholar at the New York University Abu Dhabi (NYAD). From September 2004 he is teaching composition and composition related subjects in the School of Music and Performing Arts of Polytechnic of Porto.