Leon Steidle

University of São Paulo, Brazil; steidleleon@gmail.com


The following work aims to investigate a possible dynamization between perceptive states based on avant-garde music of the 20th century, considering acoustic and historical aspects, and having the work of the German composer Helmut Lachenmann as a model. For this, it was seen as necessary at first to establish a comparison between divergent thoughts about the relations of unity and duality between form and content in the musical field. On the one hand, we will expose the thought of the German philosopher Theodor Adorno and his historical-dialectic consideration together with the duality between form and content. In opposition to this, we seek to expose the philosophy of the French current illustrated by Deleuze and Lyotard, in which there is unity between form and content. The study aims to synthesize a logical model of modulation between perceptual states considered divergent through the energetic and allagmatic principles established by the French philosopher Gilbert Simondon, understanding that Lachenmann’s work used here as a model in addition to his theoretical writings, enable these different approaches and such dynamics between perceptual states. 

Keywords: Alagmatic; Musical Perception; Helmut Lachenmann.


Leon Steidle is Brazilian, master and doctoral student in musical composition at the University of São Paulo under the guidance of Prof. doctor Silvio Ferraz, with a line of research in musical creation processes and Sonology. His research work pays attention to energetic procedures in the musical flow and the relationship between energetic systems from different fields through the concept of allagmatic by Gilbert Simondon.