Roberto Oliveira-Ogando

University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain;


Enrique Xerardo Macías Alonso (Vigo, 1958-1995), a Galician composer from the late 20th century with a post-serialist aesthetic, was the first composer to perform electroacoustic manipulations in Galicia and a pioneer in expanding new parameters to his compositional language. Macías relationship with Portuguese composers was extensive and fruitful, establishing close connecting link with Jorge Peixinho —a great interlocutor of electronic music for Macías in his early beginnings—, Álvaro Salazar, Clotilde Rosa, Constança Capdevile, Emmanuel Nunes and Miguel Azguime. In this exposing we will present the recovery process and the results on the tapes of Enrique X. Macías that were located at Azguime’s home in the town of Rebelva, Portugal. The recovery and digitization work were made at the Laboratório de Informática Musical (LIM) del CESEM–Centro de Estudos de Sociologia e Estética Musical de la FCSH-Universidade Nova de Lisboa, under the supervision of Professor Dr. Isabel Maria Pires. In addition to the desire to preserve contemporary Galician music and the enlargement of the Enrique X. Macías collection, we intend to portray the methodology, the problems found and the results of the work executed magnetic tapes of the Galician composer, so that it can be applied to future phonographs collections in this type of support that appear in future research in Galicia, that are not in their best condition of conservation. All these objectives will facilitate the work of analysis of the scores and electroacoustic materials for the realization of our doctoral thesis. In addition, to be able to have all the collected documentation available, keeping alive and giving value to this important patrimony of Galician contemporary music. 

Keywords: Enrique X. Macías, electroacoustic music, magnetic tapes


Roberto Oliveira-Ogando Graduated in percussion at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in The Hague, The Netherlands. Master “in music performance” at the Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin, Dublin City University (DCU) in Ireland. Doctoral student at the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (USC), where does the thesis «Electroacoustic structural processes in Enrique X. Macías» on the figure of the Galician composer. Throughout his career he has given concerts as a soloist, with contemporary ensembles and symphony orchestras, participating in numerous international music festivals. Awarded in the fifth edition of the Premios Martín Códax da Música, he has three solo record works “Pparafusxo” (2010), “Diáspora, novas músicas de aquí e de acolá” (2017) and “Argana, estrutura rítmico espiñal” (2020). Co-founder of ONME Gestión Cultural SL, he is currently a member of the Grupo Organistrum (GI-2025) from USC, and collaborating researcher at the CESEM, FCSH- Universidade Nova de Lisboa.